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VAN GOGH'S INNER CIRCLE Family Friends Models

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Vincent Van Gogh is often seen as a man who went through life lonely and misunderstood. This is not an accurate picture. That he had a complex and somtimes obdurate character is certainly true, but he also had long-lasting and often intimate relationships -- ties that helped to shape the man and his art. This book, Van Gogh's Inner Circle: Friends, Family, Models, published to accompany the exhibition of the same title, highlights the people who played an important part in his life and work.

Personal documents and works of art make us readjust the present somewhat clichéd image. Van Gogh's Inner Circle gives us a different impression of the idiosyncratic artist, in whom many of those around him recognized an exceptional talent, a great spirit and a warm heart, and so leaves us much better acquainted with Van Gogh and his nearest and dearest